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Meet a Few of Fantastic Pet Care Satisfied Clients

No matter what shape, size, breed or even species your dogs are, the team members have the skills, knowledge and patience to take good care of them. And we'll do it all with pleasure at our Doggy care centre. Our dedication to delivering high standard, professional services, and our love of animals of all kinds, have made us London's number one pet care company. Curious to learn more about our clients? Have a look at the pictures below and meet a few of our satisfied customers.

Meet Koda

Isn't he cute? He looks a bit like a long haired bear, but in fact he's a 4-year-old Miniature German Spitz. It might not surprise you to find out that all that beautiful hair takes a fair bit of maintenance. To look this gorgeous, Koda needs a monthly trip to the canine hairdressers.

Our fantastic dog walkers call him "The Prince" and if you ever see him trotting the London pavements, lord and proud master of all he surveys, you'll understand how he got his nickname.

That's not to say that Koda is standoffish or aloof, he's as full of life as any other healthy young dog and he can't get enough of play time with his sitters Joy and Vesi.

The Staffie with the Biggest Smile, Lexi

Lexi is a Staffordshire bull terrier. Incredibly loyal and loving, this charming lady can warm your heart with just one look from these deep brown eyes. As vivacious and playful as she is, Lexi enjoys running with her sitter. There’s nothing she enjoys more than a long walk in the park. We guarantee that her smile will make you fall in love with her – just as we did!

Meet JD

JD is curious, intelligent and a truly kind and good-natured dog. One of the nicest King Charles Cavaliers we've had the pleasure to spend time with. At three years of age, JD has experienced a lot of changes in his short life, he was adopted by his new family not too long ago.

Like all royalty, this King Charles rarely allows strangers to go near him. You have to work hard to gain his trust but once you do – he'll be your friend for life. His sitter is amongst the lucky ones. They both love their quiet walks in the local neighbourhood.

Meet Sheba

From English Kings to Egyptian Queens! Sheba is another 'adopted' cat. She's two years old, has been with her current owner only since the start of 2014 and we count ourselves privileged to have been involved in caring for her since then.

Sheba is proof that black cats really are lucky, she's found her purrfect home! She's intelligent, affectionate and very playful. Her favourite toys are cloth mice, preferably black ones. Sheba's one of the few cats we know who has her own rolling pin, she doesn't bake of course, but she's decided it's the best possible object to sharpen her claws on.

Meet Sam and Evada

Sometimes the pets we care for come in pairs. Sam is the more cautious of the two and it took our sitter Vesi a little while to win his trust, but she got there in the end, as she always does.

He'll never be quite as playful as his sister but he does have his moments. Evada loves to play, sometimes with her toys, but her favourite game is to hide on the stairs while her pet sitter is looking for her.

Meet Fidelio

This gleeful, terrier is Fidelio. He loves playing in the park near his home, and there’s almost nothing he wouldn’t do for a treat! Our brave knight has a soft side to him as well. One of his favourite activities is getting tons of hugs from his sitter.

Another Fantastic Pair: Poppy and Pumpkin

These two really are best friends, they love to cuddle up together and groom each other. They also love to play with toys and are always fascinated by a new one. They pull the people around them into their games too, Vanya, their sitter has gotten quite used to them leaping onto her belly if she happens to be sitting. Sometimes this signals the beginning of playtime but sometimes they just want a cuddle.

Bosie a Loving and Loyal Staffordshire

He's a darling and he's managed to win a soft spot in the heart of every member of the team, including Aliah, our supervisor. Named after Oscar Wilde's good friend and companion Alfred Douglas (also known as Bosie) he's as loyal to his family and friends as most Staffies.

Another adopted dog, he's friendly, loving, sociable and gets along with people really well. He gathers new fans every time his walker takes him out.

Pugwash - A Lurcher Who Likes Cats!

Pugwash is intelligent, friendly and a very good-natured lurcher. Named after John Ryan’s famous pirate Horatio Pugwash. Our brave captain can be a little shy, but he loves to run and is quite happy to make friends with any squirrels or cats he meets when he's out with his dog walker Chris.

Pugwash is well trained and knows how to ask for a treat, his favourite trick is to lay down and wait for his pet sitter to hand over a tasty morsel.

Berney, a Lovable Handful

Berney is a gorgeous girl and our team loves her to bits. The first words our sitters use about her are 'never boring'. Her friendliness and intelligence come along with a mischievous streak and a certain disregard for authority. She's very attached to her family and learns new things fast but seems to have problems understanding 'No'!

Berney can be a bit naughty at times but we're sure she'll settle down as she gets a little older. In the meantime it's impossible to really get annoyed with her, so the most difficult thing is not to give in to her charm when trying to express disapproval of her behaviour.

Meet Bella, a Brave Bulldog

Bella is an enchanting English bulldog and we've all fallen under her spell. She has all the determination you'd expect of her breed, she always knows what she wants and makes her wishes understood very well.

Two things Bella doesn't like are being alone or inactivity. She loves long walks and we've yet to manage to tire her out! Bella's and her dog walker Vesi's preferred route is to the small fountain in the park near her home.

Curly, an Adorable Grey Tiger

Curly is a playful and incredibly lovable kitten. He loves playing outdoors, especially in the autumn. When he starts chasing fallen leaves, there’s no stopping him! Always ready for a new challenge or an exciting game, this adorable little tiger always finds a way to surprise and charm his sitters.

Izzy a Gracious Greyhound

Izzy's an Italian Greyhound, so much smaller than her English cousins but she has just as much energy. It's all her dog walker can do to keep up with Izzy when she bounds around the parking looking for opportunities to make friends with any other dogs she meets.

She also loves squirrels and can get so caught up in her adventures that she's been known to run just a bit further than her dog walker would like. It's always OK though because we can count on her coming back when she decides she needs a cuddle. If Izzy manages to tire herself out too much she even asks to be carried home.

Mungo - a Super Friendly Lion

Some cats can be a little reserved but not Mungo. He loves being around company, whether that's other cats or people. He likes to play at times but at other times he's just content to sit on a lap and be stroked.

Chris, his usual sitter describes him as a pleasure to be around.

Barney- Another King Charles

Barney is typical of his breed though also very much his own dog. Playful, friendly, intelligent and always on the lookout for new friends, be they canine or human. He's a curious little soul, so his dog walker has got used to having to wait while he explores the area on his walks and of course he has to say hello to anyone he meets on the way. Barney loves people and people love him.

Soft and Shy Eggie

Eggie is another little princess who's charmed the whole team. When we first met her, all we could see was a nose sticking out from under the sofa. It's her own special hideaway where she waits when she's sussing out now people.

We're still not quite sure if she's really shy or just plays hard to get! Now she's decided she likes us she'll rush in, jump up, give a kiss or demand a cuddle. Eggie hates the cold and loves to lie in the sunshine.

Here's our Precious Tartuffie (Toofie)

Toofie is a chocolate brown cocker spaniel and as sweet in his nature as chocolate is to your tastebuds. He loves to play games and if he doesn't manage to catch the ball in mid-air, he'll chase to bring it back and wait eagerly for this walker to throw it again. Our arms get tired long before Toofie's legs do.

Toofie's still young and eager to learn new tricks, his favourite place is the park and he loves to make new friends there, be they human or other dogs. We're in love with his blue eyes.

Meet the Smart Girl Stevie

Stevie is a loving, smart and generous girl. She has the wisest eyes we've seen, as if she knows all your secrets and can be trusted to keep them safe for you. She's fun, playful and mischievous, sometimes she looks a little sad, but she's always affectionate. With her soulful expression she could easily become anyone's best friend and confidant. Spending time with her is a true delight for us!